Any Financial Advisor can assist in setting up a retirement plan.  We have seen many times this is where it all ends.

Advisors that truly work in the retirement plan space are unique in their understanding of ongoing plan sponsor needs and acting in the best interest of the participants.

Plan Sponsors want to know what we will do to connect with and serve their participants. We believe that regularly organizing your enrollment meetings in an ongoing fashion will contribute greatly to the overall success of your plan and to support Spanish speaking services for clients who need this.

Advisor guidance in helping employees understand the difference between pre-tax and Roth contributions. Providing a simple solution for employees to follow to overcome the complexity of stock and bond mutual fund investing, building a proper asset allocation model and portfolio rebalancing will go a long way in delivering piece of mind to a very confusing world.

Educating and encouraging plan participants not to cash in their accounts upon separation from employment. Teaching them the importance of protecting their nest egg and rolling it over to a new employer plan, or IRA, or keep intact in the current plan will go a long way to building meaningful retirement savings.