When It Comes To How To Select A Broker Or Agency, How Do You Decide?

#1, First and foremost, Expertise

  • We are the creators of The Employee Benefits Solution™ which is an all-encompassing, process driven package to assist our clients in creating, implementing and managing their employee benefits
  • We have been in business since 1977 and we are brokers. You may think, “broker/agent, what’s the difference?” But being an insurance broker not only allows us to shop the entire marketplace, but more importantly, it means that we have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients and offer impartial advice
  • Our agency has a large policy base, which can assist when negotiating contracts/renewals with carriers on large group plans.
  • We are licensed with all carriers – do not assume that all brokers are
  • We have the ability to shop association health plans
  • Claims analysis, both financial and clinical
  • We understand IRC 213(d) regarding deductible medical expenses
  • We are Medicare and exchange certified for individual health coverage
  • We are members of our profession organizations; NAHU and NAIFA

#2, Claims Resolution Assistance

  • We have 5 full time support staff to help resolve claim issues
  • Ability to access “back door” at carrier level to expedite resolutions
  • HIPAA certified office to protect personal information (PHI)

#3, Customer Service

  • Boutique office with five full time support staff to help with premium issues, claim issues, additions, terminations, forms, summaries, etc.
  • We conduct in-person or virtual annual open enrollment meetings to educate and answer questions regarding benefit offerings as well as inform your employees about any value added benefits that a carrier may offer. We find that many employers and employees do not realize that they may have value added benefits included at no extra charge since no one is there to educate them about their availability. These value added benefits can include such things as an Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), wellness, weight loss, smoking cessation, etc. These meetings can be conducted more frequently depending on company size or need.

#4, Communication/Compliance

  • Compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • We provide custom ERISA compliant wrap documents that include required annual notices that meet the obligations of notifying your employees of their health and welfare plans
  • Communications sent throughout the year to keep our clients informed and up to date with changes that may affect their benefits

#5, Technology

  • Employee enrollment platform/benefits administrative system
  • Zoom based meetings available
  • DocuSign electronic signature availability
  • Email encryption
  • All files are electronically stored for the ability to access them remotely

Anyone can get you quotes, but how they support you once the coverage is in place is what really makes the difference.